Desk & Room Booking

Do you want to facilitate a pleasant work environment for your employees? And do you want to increase productivity? Desk and meeting room booking enables comfortable working: it ensures that employees can use a meeting room or a desk that fits their needs at their preferred office location.

How does it work?

Employees check availability and book a desk or a meeting room remotely with the iotspot app. This ensures that employees arrive at the office hassle-free and confident they will have a place to work. The app lets them find out where colleagues are working and book a shared workspace or a meeting room. Also, they can invite external guests. When they arrive at the office, the app will guide them to their workspace, which they can claim by scanning the iotspot NFC tag. 

The 'no-show' feature in the sensor registers if someone doesn't show up at the booked time. In that event, the desk or meeting room will automatically be made available again in the app. For privacy reasons, no one can see which person did not turn up.

No more looking for an available desk or meeting room
Increased productivity and work satisfaction
Reduced commuting
Up and running in a matter of days
Integrable with Google Calendar and MS Outlook 365
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