Safe Office

A safe return to the office
Use Case

Are you planning to reopen the office?

In times of COVID-19, you want to make sure employees can maintain the recommended distance while working in the office. Therefore, the building's capacity and layout should be managed carefully.

Clear communication about measures taken and how to act and work safely in the office is vital. iotspot supports you and your staff to be well prepared and to ensure social distancing at the office.

Work Satisfaction

The smart workspace platform allows employees to check the availability and choose a workspace

Office Insights

The user generated data can be augmented with iotspot monitoring services.

Four steps‍to re-open the office

Step 1
Setting up the digital office

Digitize the office by providing all desks with a iotspot NFC sticker. The self-service setup app enables configuration and desk-blocking to ensure that people work at a safe distance from each other. Scan and block a desk with one click. The app will update the capacity and office layout immediately.

Step 2
Determine desk capacity

Determine desk capacity to ensure social distancing. You decide the percentage of available desks. In this example, 50% of the desks are blocked, but this can be modified every day. You are in control.

Step 3
Book a desk from home

Allow employees to book an available desk in just a few clicks. Check desk availability with the maps functionality or the search function. You can rest assured that people will have a safe desk for the entire day and at a safe distance from colleagues.

Step 4
Access: only with a booked desk

Allow employees to enter the office, only if they have booked a desk. Reservations can be made up to one week in advance.

How can we help you?

Safe capacity management
COVID-19 attendance reports
COVID-19 health check
COVID-19 access control support
Safe working environment
The certainty of a safe workspace
No Excel schedules
Maintaining team visibility
Support co-working
Climate monitoring

Let us explain how we can help you

Plug & Play
implementationwith self-service tooling

Implementing the iotspot safe office solution is plug & play. Use the setup app, control center and self-service documentation, as well as the personal instruction and interactive guidance. The result: you can reopen the office safely and in a short amount of time.

Safely reopen the office within a few days.
Ismail El Khayari
Facility Coördinator, Electrolux België

"With iotspot we managed to safely
reopen the office within a few days"

iotspot enabled us to reopen the office for colleagues who wanted to work in the office for one day. We are able to set up the number of available desks ourselves and determine how many people can work at the office safely. The platform is very logical and user-friendly. It is clearly developed with the user in mind. 

The implementation was an easy job. iotspot provided us with clear and personal instructions, supported by documentation and a management portal. With these self-service tooling we were able to install iotspot ourselves. You are in control of the implementation process and how long it takes. In our case, we were ready within a few days. After a short amount of time, 95% of our staff were using the app. 

We are now going to reopen our second office in the same way. 

I expect this to run smoothly as well.


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