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Lunch meetings are often accompanied by catering for the participants. However, booking a meeting room and ordering food are typically separate processes. The iotspot platform enables app integration to increase efficiency and make life easier for its users.

How does it work?

By integrating office apps with the iotspot booking app, employees get access to all office services – in just one click. As an organization, you can add multiple buttons to the location page, the information page for the room or desk, or the user account page. When someone clicks on a button, they will go to an external app or a webpage to use the service they require. Integration of services is easily managed in the iotspot control center. 

Examples of integrations are: catering services, fitness programs, office agenda & events, canteen occupancy and team calendars. 

Increased efficiency
Improved accessibility to all office services
Up and running in a matter of days
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