Office space optimization
- Use Case

Office Space Optimization
Use Case

Employees often have a hard time finding a desk or securing a meeting room, even though the office seems large enough. Research indicates that in an average company, just 60% of the desks are used, and rooms are booked even less. Then why do so many people across so many companies report difficulties finding a desk or securing a meeting room? The answer is: because they don’t know where to find them.  

Office space optimization based on realtime insights

A proper understanding of office layout and utilization is vital. Hence, data regarding desk and room use, office temperature and air quality will provide the insight required to make informed suggestions for improvement. Consequently, office space can be harnessed more efficiently, and cost reductions will be made possible. 

How iotspot's solutions can help with office space optimization

Office space optimization is possible by gaining real-time office utilization and occupancy insights. This can be done by employing Iotspot’s software for meeting room occupancy monitoring and desk monitoring software. By gaining and integrating data about the utilization of your meeting rooms and desks, you'll be able to get an overview of the actual usage of the office space. As a consequence, you can make smart decisions about the number and type of rooms and desks required to match the needs of employees. Besides, our meeting room booking system and desk booking solutions can be used to enable employees to book desk and rooms, so they’ll be assured of an available desk or meeting room once they arrive at the office and no longer have to search or wait for it.”

logo FMO
Susanne Kamp
Manager Facility Services, FMO The Hague

“We just rented an additional 1,800 m2,
but because of hybrid working we no
longer need these extra m2.”

By now, 625 workplaces in the office (10,00m2) are connected to the system. FMO’s decision to choose iotspot a few years ago was based on a number of aspects, such as price, flexibility, user-friendliness and the positive experiences from the pilot. 

“We have turned our office into an activity-based work environment and this platform fits in very well. That also applies to when we go back to the office, with this platform we can ensure a safe return at 1.5 meters distance. With hybrid working, it becomes very important to be able to reserve a workplace in advance.” 

The platform can also help to prevent busy days in the office. “We are growing fast, so we just rented an additional 1,800 m2, but because of hybrid working we no longer need these extra m2. We are going to organize the growth within the current office environment and sublet the 1,800 m2. If people want to come to the office, they have to reserve a workspace. I think the reservation platform will definitely help us with that.


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