Indoor Maps & Routing

Indoor Maps & Routing

Are you using your office data to its full potential? Imagine that you’ve booked a meeting room, but the name of the room does not indicate the location within the office. With the indoor maps and routing feature, you can visualize important office data on a map of your spaces. And thanks to routing, finding the things you’re looking for has never been easier.

How does it work?

The indoor map in our solution empowers you to show live office data in the perfect visual way. 
By integrating the map with third-party data systems, employees get all the data they need in one visual experience; from room and desk booking to climate monitoring and beyond.

You can also create zones for specific types of workspaces, e.g. zones for specific departments to work together. And thanks to profile-based map views, facility management gets easy access to all the information they need, such as where technical rooms are located.

With outdoor to indoor navigation, employees never have to worry about getting lost. Whether they’re navigating from their front door to a desk inside your office or searching for a point of interest inside your facility, they always have accurate navigation right at their fingertips.

It’s easy to modify your maps in the control center and you can update them as often as you need. Configuring the maps with all the important points of interest can be done by using the setup app. The app is not the only place where these interactive maps are used. They are also a key component of the web booking portal and lobby screens.

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What are the benefits for the user?
Clear overview of the office space
Easy access to relevant office information in one visual experience
No more wasting time searching for a desk or room
Seamless outdoor to indoor navigation from any point outside the office to their destination inside
Easily see colleagues’ location and find an E.R.O. in case of emergency
What are the benefits for the company?
Increased efficiency and enhanced collaboration
Optimized space utilization
Highly flexible office space
Up and running in just a few weeks
Available on all applications of the iotspot platform
What is included in indoor maps and routing?
2D maps (option for 3D)
Indoor-outdoor navigation
Interactive areas on the map
100+ custom POIs to configure

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