Indoor Maps & Routing

Indoor Maps & Routing Service

The app's indoor maps & routing feature, powered by MapsPeople, shows employees which desk or meeting room is available. It also guides them to the right place. These features enable an increase in efficiency. They also prevent employees from having to search for a workspace every time they come to the office. 

How does it work?

The map of the office building(s) is integrated into the app. It shows every desk and meeting room with an activated iotspot HUB or NFC sticker. Red dots on the map stand for occupied workspaces, green dots for available ones. Employees book the desk or room of their choice.  

Indoor Maps enables the implementation of zones with specific types of workspaces. For instance, zones for specific departments can be defined. Also, layers with extra facility management information can be added, such as where the technical rooms are located. As an organization, you can easily modify the maps in the control center – daily, if needed.

The Indoor Maps SDK open API enables integration with custom lobby screens, intranet and other applications. For more information, visit

No more looking for an available workspace
Increased efficiency
Highly flexible office layout
Integrable with other platforms
Up and running in a matter of days
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