Office Intelligence

Office Intelligence Service

Do you wish to gain insight into your office(s)' utilization and the quality of the climate in the building(s)? Then smart office technology is required to collect and display data on office intelligence dashboards for easy analysis. 

How does it work?

The office intelligence dashboards are web-based and provide a detailed overview of the data per office, floor, zone, desk, day, hour and minute. The data is obtained by iotspot smart sensors. Within 6 months, you will be able to make fact-based decisions about the office layout and climate. Monitoring and analyzing is an ongoing process, allowing continuous optimization.  

Employees can check desk and room availability in the app. This includes invisible workspace, generating 30-40% more visible office space. To show employees the real-time availability of workspaces at the office, you can create dashboards and lobby screens. Our open API enables easy integration with FMIS.

30-40% more visible office space
Fact-based office layout decision-making within 6 months
Improved office layout, occupation, utilization and climate
Integrable with other platforms
Up and running in a matter of days
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