Room Booking

Room Booking Service

Do you want your employees to have efficient meetings? And do you want to increase productivity and teamwork? Meeting room booking facilitates comfortable meetings: it ensures that employees can use an available meeting room that fits their needs at their preferred location.
As a result, meetings will be more productive and efficient. This is also available for desk booking.

How does it work?

Employees check availability and book a meeting room of their choice, remotely with the iotspot app. When they arrive at the office, the indoor maps show the way to the booked meeting room. They can also determine availability by checking the color of the iotspot hub. When activated the hub turns red or green. These colors mean that a meeting room is available (green) or occupied (red).

The 'no-show' feature in the sensor registers if someone doesn't show up at the booked time. In that event, the meeting room will automatically be made available again in the app. For privacy reasons, no one can see which person did not turn up.

No more looking for an available meeting room
Increased productivity and work satisfaction
No-show management
Up and running in a matter of days
Integrable with Google Calendar and MS Outlook 365
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