Room Monitoring

Room Monitoring Service

Do employees have difficulties securing the meeting room they need while you feel there is enough office space? Room monitoring provides you with valuable occupancy and utilization insights, helping you facilitate capacity and meeting room types.

How does it work?

The smart meeting room sensor continuously monitors the room’s occupancy. Furthermore, we have added the People Counter. This sensor uses sophisticated technology to check the number of individuals in a meeting room. Even a person's silhouette is noticed, so the number of people is accurately measured, even when they sit still. The result: reliable information about room utilization and occupancy. 

The office intelligence dashboards show real-time data, enabling in-depth analyses about which rooms are used and how many meeting spaces are required. Consequently, you can manage capacity and make fact-based decisions to improve meeting room management. 

This service can also be implemented to monitor canteen capacity.

Fact based decision making regarding office layout
More efficient and productive meetings
Reduced office space costs
Integrable with other platforms
Up and running in a matter of days
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