Parking Space Booking‍

Does it take time to find a parking space? And do you want everyone to be able to travel to any office comfortably? Parking space booking facilitates straightforward parking. It ensures that employees get access to an available parking space at the office they prefer to work that day.

How does it work?

Before they go to the office, employees check the number of available parking spots and book one remotely with the iotspot app. They can also indicate whether they need a charging station or not. As a result, they will arrive at the office stress-free, knowing they will have a place to park. This is especially convenient when they don't visit the location often, or when parking space is limited.  

When they arrive at the office, the app uses a maps & routing feature, show employees the available parking space from which they can choose. As an organization, you determine the parking capacity. The smart parking sensor will register when a car is parked. The parking space will then be made unavailable in the app.  

An additional option is a sensor at the entrance that counts the number of cars entering or leaving the parking lot. It updates the app to show how many spaces remain available.

No more time wasted looking for a parking spot
Increased efficiency and work satisfaction
Up and running in a matter of days
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