Parking Space Booking

Parking Space Booking‍

Do you have parking spaces that are available to staff and guests? Iotspot, in partnership with Raedam, offers you a suitable booking solution as part of our platform. It is simple to use for the car parkers, properly configurable for administrators and customizable with your access gate or license plate reader application.

How does it work?

Unlike using desk or room booking, booking a parking space requires three steps to execute.

Firstly, the parking area needs to be configured into designated zones for staff, guests and/or EV’s. On top of that, the access process has to be arranged, i.e. how do you pass the barrier? Do we make use of a license plate reading application or will we generate bar codes for the reader?

Once the supply side is arranged, the second step is to ‘register’ staff through an assessment questionnaire.You get to decide what questions are asked based on the company policy. The ‘assessment engine’ can comprise of questions regarding travel time, disability, public transport alternatives or vehicle type. This way it becomes and remains clear as to who is allowed to use the parking facilities.

Thirdly, the parking space booking is activated for the authorized users, enabling them to not only do their desk or room booking but to also book their parking space accordingly.

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What are the benefits for the user?

Easy application for parking booking authorization
Easy access to the parking area
All-important office resource in one  app
Clear parking capacity information to  plan your Hybrid week at the office

What are the benefits for the company?

Simple opportunity to operationalize  the parking policy
Off the shelf integration with barrier  management applications
Up and running in a matter of days
Self-service tooling to adopt changes  per location

What is included in Parking Booking?

Parking Management Portal for Admins
Enrolment questionnaire for users
Dashboards / reports to view parking occupancy insights
Booking flow for users including adjustment of profile settings e.g. License plate
Map layout of parking space
System integrations

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