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Work Experience

iotspot believes the future belongs to organizations whose top priority is user experience. We empower everyone to decide when, where and with whom they want to work. Together, we make sure the staff of your company experiences a productive and sustainable work environment.

Want to reopen your office?
iotspot ensures social distancing.

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All Office Services
in one

The iotspot smart workspace platform provides insight into desk and room occupancy, capacity, climate and office use - with a plug & play approach. The platform also provides your employees with the certainty of a workspace that fits their needs.

Office Intelligence

Continuous monitoring results in real-time office data. These insights help you to make fact-based office optimization decisions.

Employees are in Control

If employees decide to work in the office, they can check desk, meeting room and parking space availability. They can book a desk and meet with their teams. And they will easily find the right place to work.

Fact-based Decisions
Office Optimization
Increased Productivity
Increased Work Satisfaction

Our services have been developed
with trust, transparency, collaboration and the sharing of resources in mind. services overview

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100% Plug and PlayUsing the Internet of Things (IoT) technology
and self-service tooling 

Independent of company's
IT infrastructure.

Thanks to our Cloud platform

Only USB Power

IoT connectivity using 4G

Up and Running
in a matter of days

With our self-service solution

Fully integratable
with other platforms

Thanks to our open API's
iotspot Smart Workspace Platform

"The information from the dashboard is exactly what we're looking for and what we are going to use to renew our office."


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