Hybrid Working

Hybrid Working
Use Case

Most organizations switch to a hybrid working model. Organizations instruct employees to have meetings at the office and to work from home for all other activities. However, organizations continue to struggle with implementing this hybrid working strategy. Employees are individuals with different personalities and different needs. Therefore, the one-size-fits-all model does not work for everyone. Successfully implementing hybrid working requires a more user-centered approach.

Make hybrid work

Research shows that people have different reasons to choose to work at the office. For example, collaboration with colleagues (51%), having a more proper work desk and chair (37%) or increased productivity (30%). These, and even more, reasons to choose to go to the office shows that hybrid working is not a one-size-fits-all model.  

To successfully switch to hybrid working requires insight into what this new way of working means to both a team and an individual. Insights into the actual use of the work environment are essential too. For example, organization X found out that the large conference rooms are now being used by only one person to attend an online meeting. Data gained by smart sensors provide these insights and will help to make fact-based decisions on how to implement hybrid working and how to set up the work environment for your organization.  

In addition, it is important to trust and empower employees to organize their work activities in a way that fits their needs. Employees are then flexible to choose their preferred place to work, get information about availability, see where colleagues are working and book a desk or meeting room.  

Implementing hybrid working according to this user-centered approach and by gaining insights and empower employees, will result in increased work productivity, better work-life balance, efficiency, less commute, and secure talent. Which is vital for employee’s health and to be future-ready as an organization.


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