6 steps towards the office of the future

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

If you want to be in complete control as a manager, you will have to relinquish control from time to time. Sounds contradictory? Is it not. It will provide insight, opportunities and possibilities. Such as an attractive, productive, environmentally conscious and efficient working environment. How do you achieve that? We have devised a 6-step list for you.

Comfort without higher costs

The office of the future is a working environment where all employees get the most out of their efforts. An environment in which they are always well facilitated without redundant workplace capacity. In such a way one can offer a pleasant office with spacious workplaces while not having to invest any extra money.

Sounds all right. How do I achieve that?

1.      Gain insight. Insight into the occupation and use of the working environment. Do you know the figures? Do you know the reasons why employees choose or ignore a particular workplace? Make sure you gain this type of insight. Only then can you make decisions and take strategic steps.

2.      Define the ideal workspace. Forget about all the rules and preconditions. What does the ideal working environment look like for you? What if everything is possible? Describe this environment.

3.      Take stock of your users’ requirements. What do they really want? Do you know that really is the case? Or is that your own assessment? By knowing their requirements in advance, you can seamlessly align your plans with their wishes.

4.      Choose a suitable technology. You now know the figures, you are open minded, and you know the requirements of the users. Now it's time to look at the technology that will bring your workplace occupancy and comfort to a higher level. Most commonly this will be a choice between a flexible, desk related, OPEX solution or a fixed, building based, CAPEX solution.

5.      Try-out first then implement. Learn by doing. As the impact of smart workspace solutions is larger than expected, it is suggested to try-out first. Learn and adjust accordingly. And then implement to the full and well thought through extent in your organisation.

6.      Be critical, evaluate continuously. Don't forget to involve your employees in this evaluation and adjust in a co-aligned fashion.

Can you use help?

You don't have to achieve it alone. What's more, we can measure for you and make clear what numbers are in play and what employees require and wish for. Contact us quickly and take the first step this week towards an ideal workplace occupation with higher comfort.

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