Realise the full benefits of the evolving office space

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

What has changed in the last year and a half in terms of the traditional work environment? Everything! Organizations were forced to close offices and advise their staff to work from home or at other locations. Most organisations decided that a hybrid model would be the new way forward, requiring a new purpose definition for the traditional office: from workspace to a place to meet and from control to trust. A shift that was already happening, but which has been accelerated by recent developments and turning out to work well.

The flexible way of working and a remote workforce also accelerated the digital transition. To support staff, large (tech)companies are rearranging the working environment or even consolidating office space. Focusing even more on employee well-being, efficiency and cost reduction. Other key objectives are continuing to increase the attractiveness as an employer and sustainability. To be future-ready and keep ahead of the competition.  

Many organizations are aware of the opportunities that come with the recent changes. Becoming aware is still the first step towards change and improvement. But there are still some important questions to tackle: What will the future work environment look like? How are we going to implement and facilitate this new way of working? What exactly are the employees' needs? And how are they going to react and behave?

Now is the time to let go of traditional thinking, change the status quo and determine a future-ready strategy.

Gathering accurate data and insights are key

In order to realise the full benefits of the evolving office space and to manage a safe return to the office, gathering accurate data and insights are key to future success. By turning the office into a smart building you will be able to collect valuable office utilization data. This will provide detailed insights into office occupancy trends, the office climate and employee behaviour.

These insights will help to improve business decision-making on how to efficiently manage the Corporate Real Estate. In addition, it will provide insight into occupancy and how to optimize the office climate and therefore increase productivity and employee well-being.

Sharing this data with your employees will create a flexible work environment. Insights into availability and utilisation makes it possible for employees to determine where, when and with whom they choose to work. Is there an available workspace at the office, or should I work from home to avoid the traffic? Is it possible to work together with my team at the satellite office? Great, because that location is close to my children’s school. A better work-life balance for employees is created.

Future-ready with IoT

The use of IoT is an essential part of this modern work environment. IoT technology makes it possible to monitor the environment, collect data and to share insights with employees. As a result, the entire workplace ecosystem is connected and transparent.

Gathering accurate and real-time data helps organizations to be flexible and make fact-based decisions regarding the office layout. Therefore, it is possible to continue to react to the shifting needs of employees and to reduce real-estate costs, resulting in an efficient, productive and sustainable work environment. An environment that facilitates the new way of working and is always ready for the future.

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