Back to the office?

Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Back to the office? Hybrid working made easy thanks to a smart workspace solution

Much has been said and written about it: due to the corona pandemic, a large part of the worldwide working population has been working from home these past few years. It wasn’t always ideal, setting up shop at the kitchen table with the rest of the family. However, it turned out that it was doable! Where employers were afraid of losing control, employees turned out to be perfectly capable of continuing their work with a great sense of responsibility.

And let's be honest: it also brought a certain amount of peace and flexibility, especially once the kids returned to school. Running an errand or doing the laundry between meetings, walking the dog during the umpteenth Zoom call, no longer being stuck in daily traffic… Benefits that we’re not willing to give up just like that.

Office or home-based?

And now we’re allowed to go back to the office. Or is it mandatory? How many days a week? According to a study by TNO, the Dutch Organization of Applied Science Research1), almost 80% of home workers would prefer to continue working from home, of which 35% largely or completely and 43% as much at the office as from home. Certainly with the current shortage on the labor market, organizations cannot avoid responding to this – at least partially. But how? How can we make the hybrid model a success? Not only for employees, but most definitely also for employers. How do we find the right balance between the office and the home-based workstation?

Fortunately, it doesn't need to be as complicated as some employers still seem to think. We don't need to go back to the hopelessly old-fashioned gray office buildings, with fixed rules about who is allowed to use the available flex desks and when. However, certain agreements will still be necessary to ensure the smooth running of The New Way of Working. To ensure that the level of engagement between the organization and its employees, and between employees among themselves, is not lost. To maintain the company culture. And to stimulate the creative process, even when people largely work from home.

1) TNO: NEA-COVID-19 research

Generation Z

What matters is that it is looked at from the employee perspective. After all, people perform best in a workplace that is comfortable for them. The possibility of hybrid working is no longer the only factor that plays a role in this, certainly not when it comes to 'generation Z', the youngsters who have become active in the labor market roughly since the start of the pandemic. They do not live and work by the rules that were taken for granted by previous generations. They demand more freedom and a new way of thinking that puts the employee experience first.

‘Workplace 2.0’ must give substance to this, providing personal freedom within the context of work. It should be a place that allows the employee to perform optimally without imposing fixed rules. One that facilitates rather than forces. Open and transparent, based on what the team needs instead of what must be done. This naturally includes the flexibility to reserve one’s favorite workplace, book a meeting room or parking space, and provide insight into the availability of workplaces near colleagues.

Simply via an app, as easy as pie!

Facts instead of gut feeling

In addition, it is important for the employer to gain insight into the actual use of the working environment. How many workplaces are used per time slot? Which ones are the most popular? How many people use the meeting rooms and for what purpose? Is there enough parking space? But also, especially after all the attention this received during the pandemic: what about the air quality in the office?

iotspot's smart workspace platform supports organizations in this. Ready to deploy in a matter of days. The building is monitored and data is generated by means of smart office technology. Dashboards show the real-time data analyses and provide insight into the use of the office building. This gives a clear picture of how the available space can be optimally used and arranged as a hybrid work environment, enabling employers to make decisions based on facts instead of gut feeling.

A new balance

This way we find a new balance that works. One that gives every employee the flexibility they ask for and at the same time enables optimal collaboration within and between teams. A new balance that transforms the organization into a more casual, pleasant workplace that exudes openness and transparency, making The New – hybrid – Way of Working a success for the employee as well as the employer.

Do you wonder how our smart workspace platform can make a difference for your organization? Our team is here to help you on your way, so feel free to make an appointment for a chat or demo!

About iotspot

iotspot is all about the people in the work environment. About trust, transparency, cooperation and openness. Everything we do is focused on empowering people to decide when, where and with whom they want to work. With the office as the place to meet the team and colleagues.

The iotspot smart workspace platform supports organizations in facilitating this way of working. It creates an attractive working environment and ensures a sustainable future.

In recent years, iotspot has developed into an organization with a motivated team and a valuable partner network. Together we strive to provide the best service, products and innovations.

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