A 40% more effective workspace? This is how you do it.

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

There is no airline that will allow for an almost empty flight. They will cancel it and rebook you to a smaller plane. Why fly over a handful passengers and accept the cost of a large scale flight? We think it's time for you to do the same. That you consider your workplaces as resources and manage them as effectively as possible. 40% more effective seems possible. You can read how to do that here.

The metaphor of the airline is somewhat exaggerated, however in essence it does apply to offices as well. Unused workplaces have significant sunk cost. Why not book a smaller office or plan with a more agile seats to staff ratio? For sure, you want to offer the most ideal office to your staff without having to incur unnecessary costs. Is it not?

Occupancy insight and availability certainty

In our last blog, we told you that you can reduce workplaces when you have proper and granular occupancy insight. What type, which floor or zone is well or not well occupied provides you with an improvement opportunity. That same information but offered as availability (of workplaces) information provides staff with certainty. What location, which floor, what zone has a particular type of workplace available for me? And even better, I can book it like an airplane or theater seat. With occupancy insight and availability certainty ‘in the pocket’ you can drive your effectiveness.

Why change; we've been doing it like that for years?

As an incumbent we prefer to challenge the status quo. Why not? There are so many reasons to hold off; routine, peer-relief, staff like it the way it is, sunk cost or reluctance to change. Believe me, we have heard them all. However. Your opportunities are endless as well; improve employer attractiveness, reduce environmental footprint, peer-reputation and not to forget cost-reduction. We invite you to challenge yourself and give your workspace management a well-deserved boost.

It starts with your numbers

We also like to challenge ourselves. For your benefit. When you provide us with numbers about your office, desks, rooms and staff, we will show you where you can be more effective. Up to 40%. We will show you opportunities and how to progress to an effective smart workspace. With respect to your context as everyone has their own challenges and improvement route.

In short, it is time for a dialogue.

Are you a Facility or Property Manager? Are you in for a dialogue with us how to improve your workspace management effectiveness? Do you feel it is time for you to challenge the status quo. Share your figures with us to allow us to help you substantiate opportunities and plan for action. Want to know more? Contact me to work out your benefit case.

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