Is your working environment generation Y and Z ready?

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Generation Z, born after 1992, is the generation that grew up with technology and social media. Together with the millennials (Generation Y), they form a growing group in the office. And while the online world determines a large part of their lives, they are looking for personal interaction at work. To real time response and feedback. They actually like working face to face. How to facilitate them?

Ultimate flexibility

A large study among Generation Z and millennials (carried out by research agency Future Workplace) shows that the definition of flexibility gradually changes. Previous generations associate flexible working primarily with working from home. The new generations regard the ultimate working flexibility as being able to have personal and face to face interaction at a place where this is possible in complete freedom; the well facilitated office.

What are they looking for?

The new generation is looking for a working environment, where:

  1. One is part of one or multiple teams;
  2. There is face-to-face interaction, response and feedback; and
  3. They can work together, co-develop plans and bounce off each other’s input and ideas.

What are their requirements?

The requirements of a working environment for the next generation are among others:

  1. Being able to walk in the office for a meet-up any time;
  2. Owning their agenda and setting up appointments when and where they see fit; and
  3. Always having the opportunity to meet face to face in a ‘friendly’ environment.

What can be your response?

Presumably, your working environment is already designed for the current flex worker. Adding iotspot – for smart workplaces – allows you to facilitate the next generation even more. Workplace availability is real-time and location independent, enabling the ultimate flexibility. Or one can share a workplace via WhatsApp and arrange for instant co-seating. They simply send a message to the colleague in question asking: 'Shall we work together today? If so the workplace can be booked in the iotspot app. As the availability status is clearly visible in the app and the physical location, jackets over chairs or sticky notes are no longer required to experience certainty in flexibility.

Can we be of help?

We support Face to Face collaboration as above and in other ways. Always tailored to the needs of your organisation. Get in touch quickly and we'll get the best out of your people together.

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