Start Measuring Office Occupancy

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Research shows that offices have on average 30% redundant workstations, while at the same time an astounding 65% of users perceive that office to be over-occupied. Is that the case at your workspace as well? What is the real situation at the office floor? Occupancy research and a survey of your employees will help you assess what you really need in terms of workspace


You might recognize the picture; a student counting his way around the floors. Six to eight times a day for a week or two. That was the way we assessed office occupancy and categorised activities. A dubious measurement as departmental management would say indicating it concerned a holiday week or a week with an off-site. True or false; the results are obscured and hardly any significant decisions are made.

Measuring for decision making

New technology allows for better assessments. Let’s do away with excuses and go for undeniable insight. We can Plug & Play install a new wireless attendance sensor, identify and categorise every workstation and meeting room. The sensor measures every 5 minutes; for a period of 3 months this results in 13.000 data-points during office hours including weekends. The occupancy is real-time and online available, so you can learn on the fly. Now your organisation test scenario’s, validate counter-arguments and make impactful decisions.

Objective occupancy and subjective user requirements

Okay, now we objectively know the occupancy figures but what about your users’ opinion? We suggest to combine our measurement with a user enquiry. Two times during a period of three months, that offers them the opportunity to ventilate their opinion and the second time suggesting improvements and stating requirements. After all, an appropriate workspace, hinges on a delicate balance between volume and hospitality requirements.

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