Hardware Overview


Fully Independent Of The Existing
IT Infrastructure

No, we're not going to ask you for the WiFi Password
The iotspot Smart Workspace Platform consists of numerous software and hardware solutions to support the user in configuring, managing, and using their office. This section focuses on the hardware products within iotspot.

iotspot Hub


Showing Occupancy
Right At Your Workspace

Always connected using the Vodafone LTE-M network.
The iotspot HUB operates with IoT technology and is connected to the app and sensors. If activated, the LED of the HUB turns green, blue or red. These colors indicate if a desk or meeting room is available, booked or occupied. Book an available workspace with the app or scan the iotspot HUB with NFC to change the status.

NFC Sticker


Simple, but Effective.

For everyone that wants to start fast and easy
The iotspot NFC Sticker is the starter-level version of the iotspot Hub. It can be used immediately without the need of a static LTE-M connection. Install it on your workspace and it is ready to be used. The only thing you have to do is tell it where it is placed within the office by using the setup app.

Desk Sensor


Now You Can Check No-Shows

Occupancy of desks based on accurate sensor data
The desk sensor constantly measures desk occupancy. It provides insight into the use of workspaces and which desk is available. Because of the ‘no-show’ feature, the sensor notes if someone didn’t appear. The reserved desk will be available again in the app.

Room Sensor


See How Your Meeting Rooms
Are Used

Real insights based on real occupancy
The meeting room sensor constantly measures meeting room occupancy. Real-time data clarifies actual usage and which room is available. It helps to improve meeting room management and choices can be made based on facts. Because of the ‘no-shows’ feature, the sensor notes if nobody showed up at the booked time. The reserved meeting room will be available again in the app.

People Count Sensor


Multiple Measurements
In Real-Time

Not only measure if the area is occupied, but also by how many people
Measure the number of people using a meeting room or canteen with the people counter. To get an even better understanding of occupancy, this sensor provides additional meeting room use information. Due to the accurate technology people’s silhouettes will always be noticed. Even when they sit still.

Climate Sensor


Quality Climate Measurements

Different measurements, all in one sensor
Measure CO2, temperature and humidity with the climate sensor. These values result in an office building climate factor. This shows on a scale from 1-10 whether the air quality in a specific room is well enough to work in. Better air quality increases productivity and concentration.

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